Thursday, July 30, 2015

Manchester United beaten by PSG

In the international champions cups fight in the city of Chicago, on Wednesday, Paris Saint- Germain won over the powerful team, Manchester United. The game is closely followed by a lot of sport enthusiasts, and so do, I, Mitesh Shere, though a stock broker, and a professional advisor, take time to understand the adrenaline rush during the hour. 

As the game began, it was interesting to watch the first half where Blaise Matuidi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored first half goals, taking the team all the way to win the match. The victory that was bestowed was a sure game changer for the French team, moving them to the top 10 teams competing.
It was not an easy time for the PSG, as they were under tremendous pressure, losing the previous game to the Chelsea. This game was an important one, and would decide the fate of the PSG team, and as it was, the team picked early opportunities, and paved way for a great victory over Manchester United. 

 After the game changing by the players of PSG, it will be a wait and watch game to see how will they flair in the days to come. Tough competition is awaiting to the team with teams like New York Red Bulls in line in the game. 

Matuidi and Ibrahimovic, who created the needed platform for win, will have a huge load on the shoulders for the next games, as a lot would be expected from these seasoned players. The 25th and 34th minute were the making moments for this game, and the question is, will the magic continue in the future games too. 

It's a time of the year, and a lot of game to be played and watched. Let’s hope the best team win. 
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  1. I don't watch soccer, but It was very exciting to watch the US team during the World Cup