Friday, May 29, 2015

Poker is a great teacher

People, who are not into poker, will tell you that it has no benefits whatsoever, but that is not true. Apart from the fun and entertainment it provides us, it also teaches us some very useful skills. For example, game like ‘blackjack’ develops our variance and money management skills. It also develops our skill of decision making, choosing a career, investing money, buying property, job performance and many more. Today, I am going to tell you that how poker playing can actually improve your life standard. 

It improves math skills: A person who plays poker can learn a lot about mathematics, probabilities and statistics.  ‘Pot odds’ teaches people the importance of calculation. The math in poker is of high level, a serious poker player can learn college level mathematics.
Develop Strategic thinking: The game rules makes people to think strategically, poker rewards goes to people who can outnumbered their opponent in different thinking and get piece of information by just looking at people. This skill of strategic thinking is very useful in the real world, especially when you are running your own business.

Develop emotional maturity:  Through playing poker people can develop the skills to control their emotion or rather hide it in plain sight. It teaches you to handle emotional swings, you will learn how to deal with situation either you win or your lose. Handling the win or lose with calm is very important, in fact handling any situation with cool head is important and that is what pokes teaches us.

Financial management: While playing the game of poker, if you losing significant amount of money, then you are not playing it right.  When you play poker, you know that even if you have plenty of money, you can’t keep losing it, you will need some reserve cash to be in the game. Players learn to reserve/save some cash for later and don’t bid every penny they have, this habit makes people learn how to save money in real life too.

So, people who argue against the poker game are short-sighted, they don’t understand that this extremely fun and entertaining game teaches plenty valuable life lessons. These skills and lessons come in handy when you have to make some important life decisions.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Health Benefit of Skiing Sports

We have always heard that any sport is an excellent form of exercise, but we hardly consider playing sports to keep ourselves fit, instead we go to the gym and lift heavy equipment. If you pick any game you like and play it on a regular basis, it will be more fun and easy way to workout. Outdoor sports keeps us fit and have many health benefits. Effortless downhill sport of skiing is one of the best sports and have plenty health benefits on human body. In this post I am going to tell you some epic health benefits of skiing to educate you all that it is not just a fun or leisure game instead it is the most thrilling way of keeping yourself fit.

Increases flexibility: Having flexible body is a great advantage, it usually avoids body from conditions like strain and muscles sprains. A thorough stretching routine before skiing focus on core muscles development and improve the abdominal strength. Since the lower body part is involved in the game more, it helps in building stamina and improves body flexibility. 

 Improve muscles: It is a game of balance and adjustment, since our leg has to constantly stable and adjust the body through obstacles and keep it straight upright. It gives legs a great workout, especially on large quadriceps and gluts muscles. You have to do squatting exercise before the game which helps in developing strong legs and channel the energy in burning calories.

Improve heart health:  It raises the blood pumping throughout the body which increases oxygen level in the body and elevate your mood. While skiing, Endorphins and adrenaline are released in your body which gives you an experience of lifetime and sense of well-being. When more oxygen is mixed in your bloodstream you feel alive and energetic which is good for your heart.

So, if you planning your next vacation in mountains covered with snow, consider trying this thrilling game of skiing in the snow. It will give you better workout than a gym and will bring you closer to the nature. People, who are closer to the nature, live long and live fit.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top Skydiving spots in the world

There is so much fun at every corner of the world but instead people decide to stick  to their boring routine. There are so many amazing places  where we can go and do some blood pumping and thrilling activities. Today, because of the budget airlines, internet and fast evolving technologies, we actually have the access of every corner of the planet. There are absolutely no excuses for not stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring epic and awesome places on the earth. While exploring new places, you will discover various new and breathtaking things which is not available at your home town. Travel and extremely adventurous sports is a killer combination, it is an experience of the lifetime,  people who like adrenaline pumping sports will understand what I am trying to say here. So, for people who love skydiving, I have listed down some epic places on the planet where they can go and try it out. 


New Zealand  
New Zealand is one of the best destinations for sports and adventure and it is the most beautiful place on the planet earth. This paradise on earth is an epic destination for trying out any extreme sports. Falling from high sky into the landscape of amazing forest and glacier will give you the best travel experience ever.

Hawaii is a place for death- defying junkies. It is the best holiday destination in the world and nothing beats like falling from 15,000 feet above the sea.

Himalaya; Nepal
If you like getting high, then Himalayas is the place for you. The view from the above is mesmerizing and falling into the Himalayas will give you the rush you will never forget.

Namibia is located in southwest coast of Africa. Namib Desert of Namibia is a perfect place for skydiving. If glacier and forest is not your speed, then this is the perfect place for you. Jumping into the gorgeous landscape and shadow shifting sand is an experience you don’t want to miss.

These four places are top skydiving destination in the world, there are many more corner of the globe where you can fulfill your wild desires. So, just stop thinking that one day you will do this or do that, step out and explore the world while you can.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Poker: The Game of Luck or Skills

As I have already mentioned in my earlier post, I am a man of free spirits and adventurous soul. I love sports which give me a rush of adrenaline in my body; playing sports like these makes me feel that I am high on life.

I have been engaged in many sports and poker is one of them. Poker may not involve me jumping from the plane or diving in the water, but it gives the equal amount of rush. I speak from the experience as I recently played and won a poker tournament. Well, I have played and won many poker tournaments but each one is special in their own way. When you sit to play you don’t know if you going to lose or win but the tension it creates in your mind is extraordinary. 

You constantly thinking what will your next move, what will your competitor’s next move, based on your observation (and little bit fate), you plan your next move. Observing your opponent, learning and trying to predict their next move is more adventurous than jumping in water from the top of the mountain. The entire game is like an exercise of the brain and it gives better kick than any other drug in the world.

The argument of poker being a game of luck or skills has been going one from a long time; different people have different opinion on the subject. The argument is in dispute but according to me the game is about observing and learning, it’s like being Sherlock Holmes, the more you observe the better you get at playing and eventually it becomes the skill. Many argue against it but well, like i said people have different opinion, if you just call your move without thinking and you manage to win, then its sheer luck and you won’t be able to win all the time. But if you nurture the power of your observation, then my friend, you become the master of poker.