Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adventure, A Part of Life

Have you wondered why life is so monotonous? Why do you get stuck in the mundane aspects of life and eventually fail to live life to its fullest? When you think deep, you will realize the potential that you have within you. It is important to unleash that hidden potential and live life fully. Adventure sports have been around since the beginning. The first man probably played the game of hunting. Hunting was a great source of adventure to the kings as well. If you study the lives of the kings of India, you will realize that they sent a lot of their time in hunting and playing other adventurous sports. 

However, today such concepts of games are redundant. Yet, there are many games that drive the beast within you. The games such as skiing and skydiving give you an adrenaline rush. I, as a stock broker, I do greatly enjoy taking part in such games to wind up in life. When life becomes too mundane, it is very easy to get out of the rut and do something new. These adventure sports, some friends ask, “Mitesh Shere, aren’t you scared?” well, it is more of an event than a reason for fear. Once you start loving the art of playing such adventure sports, life becomes a fresh challenge and you get the necessary never to win over situations. Adventure sports, in a way open your life to new challenges and new strengths. The strengths that were hidden deep within, come to be found. The fear of losing vanishes and what remains is a sense of power and renewed strength. 

Nevertheless, a word of caution, you must always have an instructor to guide you in the game. You should be trained to play adventure games, and then life opens up like never before.Check out my you tube video - Mitesh Shere - A Sports Lover!

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