Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Scuba Diving- A New Learning Experience

Learning sports is told be children’s endeavour. Well, to a large extent it might be true. However, that is not true with scuba diving. The sport in itself is different from other sports and has a different audience that is attracted to this wonderful sport. I know of people who have learnt scuba diving at very early age and also very late. It does not matter at what age you learn it, all that matters is your interest in the concept of water. 

I , Mitesh Shere -  a major lover of water and I love sports that are related to water. What I have learnt about this sport is summarized in the following part:

Love to explore the sea life:
It is a mystery altogether and it has been so ever since time emerged. There are people who constantly search for ways to find mysteries of the sea and that leads them to love this sport so much. The more you love the life under water, the more ready you are to explore the game. All it takes is to love the sea and its life with all your heart. 

Willingness to learn:
Learning is a process and it requires willingness. My experience is, the more open you are to learning the more you could garner from this sport. The wealth that the sea holds in itself and the mystery that is carried are all yours when you start appreciating the sea. When you show willingness to learn about the sea and the technical aspects of the sport, you get equipped to explore the hidden recesses of the sea. 

You must be healthy:
Being healthy is not of vital importance; however, I would suggest a sense of well-being is important. If you are healthy, you will be able to take the shocking moments that you might encounter under water. Surely, the sport is not for the weak in heart. You must have sound health to really enjoy your journey as a scuba diver and life is all new there. 

Finally, when you start diving regularly, there is a great sense of achievement and all you get is bliss.

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  1. Cheers to open-hearted adventures...happy learning!