Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Poker: The Game of Luck or Skills

As I have already mentioned in my earlier post, I am a man of free spirits and adventurous soul. I love sports which give me a rush of adrenaline in my body; playing sports like these makes me feel that I am high on life.

I have been engaged in many sports and poker is one of them. Poker may not involve me jumping from the plane or diving in the water, but it gives the equal amount of rush. I speak from the experience as I recently played and won a poker tournament. Well, I have played and won many poker tournaments but each one is special in their own way. When you sit to play you don’t know if you going to lose or win but the tension it creates in your mind is extraordinary. 

You constantly thinking what will your next move, what will your competitor’s next move, based on your observation (and little bit fate), you plan your next move. Observing your opponent, learning and trying to predict their next move is more adventurous than jumping in water from the top of the mountain. The entire game is like an exercise of the brain and it gives better kick than any other drug in the world.

The argument of poker being a game of luck or skills has been going one from a long time; different people have different opinion on the subject. The argument is in dispute but according to me the game is about observing and learning, it’s like being Sherlock Holmes, the more you observe the better you get at playing and eventually it becomes the skill. Many argue against it but well, like i said people have different opinion, if you just call your move without thinking and you manage to win, then its sheer luck and you won’t be able to win all the time. But if you nurture the power of your observation, then my friend, you become the master of poker.

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