Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wonder sports: Skydiving and skiing

Sports is one amazing thing to get back to life. Today life is full of stress; therefore, it is easy to fall prey to the mundane life and loose the luster of life. We see how people are busy with life and trying to make life better by airing more and spending better. 

Yet, life is still a boring place, if there is no excitement in it. Sports, however, add great value to our lives, especially those that have a bit of thrill added to it. Skydiving and skiing are two such sports that are amazing in themselves. These sports add a sense of thrill and also great excitement. 

Skydiving is an amazing sport, and it really releases all the adrenalin in the body and takes you to state of great well-being. Going up the sky and jumping needs guts and that is not something everyone can do; however, once you try the sport, the sense of satisfaction achieved is beyond words to express. It is like ecstasy, like nirvana that is attained in deep meditation. When diving from thousands of feet above the ground, it is surely a feeling of void and serenity.

Skiing on the other hand can be fun, as it is more connected to earth. The deep snow and crazy desire to cut through the snow again gives a sense of joy. The great mountains, the wonderful serene environment and the lovely weather is all together a wonderful package to experience a phenomenal release from the mundane life. 

Sports always allow you to experience a new life that is so hidden within us. Sports are a great way to get connected to yourself and your environment. However, a word of caution is, play safe and keep yourself safe when you take up such adventure sports.

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