Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Face Your Fear and Conquer Your Dreams

Parachuting commonly known as skydiving is one of the greatest sports on earth. Returning to the earth with the aid of gravity is a breathtaking experience. Although I, Mitesh Shere, a stockbroker by profession but my passion towards sports in immeasurable. I work hard and enjoy harder. I feel that it’s very important for people to balance their work life. Work is a necessity but striving towards your passion is a must. I always make sure that I take time out for the things which I like doing it the most.

Sport is something which motivates me and gives me the adrenaline rush. Skydiving was a great experience for me. It was something which was there in my bucket list, or I can say right at the rim. Skydiving can be done both for recreational and competitive purposes. There are three important phases of activity: the free fall, the descent with open parachute, and the landing. People participating in competitive skydiving are analyzed on the basis of their style in free fall.

It is always good to experience certain things in your lives. If it’s your passion, you get a profound feeling post its completion. Things that have been on your mind for a long time, disintegrates. You feel free from the stress or problems that may have been occurring. The feel when you are thousands of feet away, does not happen every day in your life. You are surrounded by the vast blue sky while flying. The view from the top is spectacular. The beauty of Mother Nature is speechless. You are just by yourself, sailing through the clouds and conquering your fears. Once you win over your fear, there is nothing in the world that is impossible. I am quite sure it will have a positive impact on your perspective of fear and life in general. To know more about me, follow me on twitter- Mitesh Shere


  1. I really liked your blog! I am a passionate sports lover, so thanks for sharing the information.

  2. Hey Mitesh, I love you blog! Your every post I enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks for sharing.